The North Shore’s Largest Water Garden Center in Rowley, MA

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Welcome Pond Enthusiasts!

Here at Country Gardens, we specialize in water gardens. Established in 1978, we started as a greenhouse and nursery growing our own annuals, perennials, and holiday crops. Later, we expanded into a florist shop. In the early 1990s, we developed a passion for water gardens. Again we expanded the business to include this passion for ponds. Through our associations with national and international groups, we have become the North Shore's largest water garden center dedicated to helping others find their passion and create a backyard paradise of their own.


Spring Start Up

  • Clean pond and get the pump and filter running. Continue to run aerator until you get your pump going.
  • Clean or replace filter media. Replace UV bulb.
  • Add All Season bacteria to re-establish beneficial bacteria.
  • Begin treating for algae if your pump is running.
  • If your water temperature is above 50*F (ours is) and your pump and filter are running, you can begin feeding fish once every 3-4 days. As the temperatures increase you can increase frequency.

Spring Start Up

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Timeline for Aquatic Plants (subject to change)
Submerged plants (Hornwort) available now
Hardy Marginals available now
Hardy Water Lilies available now
Tropical Marginals, Water Lilies and Floating available now
Tropical Water Lilies and Lotus late May