Filters - Country Gardens of Rowley, Inc,


Biofalls from Atlantic Water Gardens
HDPE construction with spillway to return water back to pond. Grate, filter pad(s) and media bag are included.
ModelSpill WidthBulkheadMax Pond sizeMax Flow
BF160014"1.5"1500 gallons3000 GPH
Aquafall from Easy Pro
Heavy duty reservoir for biological activity. Inlet at the bottom. Includes 2 filter pads and media bag. Small and Medium models have detachable waterfall lips adhere the liner.

ModelDimensionsInlet SizePond SizeWaterfall
Mini18"x24"x18"1.5"1200 gallons14"
Small26"x26"x26"2"2500 gallons18"
Medium35"x36"x28"2"6000 gallons26"