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UV Sterilizers

A UV is very effective against controlling green water. It should be sized correctly to the gallons in the pond and the water flow rate. Proper cirulation throughout the pond is also important. Your pump should be located as far from the waterfall as possible for best circulation.

There are 7.48 gallons of water per cubic foot.
To figure gallons in your pond:(All measurements are in feet)
Rectangle: length x width x depth x 7.48 = gallons
Irregular Shape : Multiply above number by .8 to adjust for less than perfect rectangle
Circle: 3.14 x (1/2 diamter x 1/2 diameter) x depth x 7.48 = gallons

Flow rate of the pump is published by the manufacturer. Usually rated in gallons per hour, this information is found within your pump instructions.
Once you determine the gallons in the pond and flow rate on the pump, the proper UV can be selected.

Emperor Aquatic Smart UV

Constructed on heavy wall PVC, these Emperor Aquatic UV are durable and corrosion resistant. The lamp is "hard glass" quartz. The unique two-piece screw together lamp housing and power supplyh module allow for fast and simple service. The power supply is completely sealed for added safety. All models have a union inlet and outlet that will adapt to any tubing size and allow for easy disconnect. The 18 watt is a UVLite Model that is designed for low-flow and space conscious applications. The 25 & 40 watt models feature a 3" UV housing that utilizes their standard output lamps UV-C output to its maximum potential. The 80 watt is a HO Model that houses the lamp inside a 5" diameter body to create a super-efficient UV package.

Replacement UV Bulb
Even though your Emperor Aquatic Smart UV Bulb is glowing, it may not have sufficient power to kill algae in your pond. Replace the bulb every 1-2 years.