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Miscellaneous Pond Supplies

Floating Thermometer
The most important tool you should have for your pond if you have fish. Feeding and activity of the fish are determinted by pond temperature. Easy to read Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. Fluorescent marking.
Laguna Aeration Kit
Budget-friendly aeration kit enhances pond oxygen levels all year long. Provide vital oxygen during warm summer months to ensure fish health and efficient biological filtration. Also great during freezing winters to help maintain an ice-free opening for proper gas exchange. Styrofoam float positions the air stone at midwater to maximize oxygenation without disturbing the bottom of the pond. Powerful rheostat controlled OPTIMA air pump for adjustable air output. Includes Aeration Pump, 30 feet of winter-safe airline tubing, air diffuser, and high-density styrofoam float.
Mosquito Dunks
Safe to pets, children and the environment. Made with B.T. a naturally occurring biological organism which kill mosquito larvae by feeding on it before it becomes a biting adult. Will continue to kill mosquito larvae for 30 days or more. Each dunk covers 100 sq.ft. of water surface.
Pond Netting
Small black mesh for keeping out leaves and wildlife. If you are using to keep out leaves, buy a large enough net to may a teepee over the pond. Remove before snowfall.
Pondmaster Aerator AP-20
This Pondmaster air pump has been designed to salisfy the requirements of a multitude of water related applications. For the winter months it should be run continually in order to agitate the surface water and help maintain an opening in the ice for oxygen. Move the outlet deeper in the water during the summer months in order to provide extra aeration. Standard 110V electric and a 6' power cord. The non-oil lubricated motor is designed to operate efficiently and save energy. For outdoor applications, it is recommended that the unit be enclosed to protect it fromt he elements. Includes aerator, 8' of vinyl tubing, and plastic diffuser.